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Lucky Blessed Hope career as macro

Shanghai Solarwool Apparel Co.,Ltd was established in 2010 and is headquartered in the center of Shanghai Xinzhuang Business District. It is a professional production and sales of wool machine washable fabrics, wool underwear, wool outdoor sportswear and all kinds of wool headdress, gloves, socks and scarves-based export-oriented industrial and trade enterprises, raw materials are imported fine New Zealand and Australia high-grade wool, excellent quality!


Shanghai Solarwool Apparel Co., Ltd. adopts wet transfer printing technology in China to produce new, strange and special products such as all wool and blended printing. Now it adopts new digital printing technology to enrich the company's wool hunting and camouflage series. The company has a professional production factory located in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, the wool production and processing base. It has its own factory floor area of about 5000 square meters and more than 200 professional and technical personnel and production workers. It currently has seven complete sets of production sewing threads (including 2 sets of new JACK hanging threads), a new German BULLMER automatic cutting machine, 2 BULLMER automatic cloth drawing machines and more than 300 other advanced sewing and supporting machines. Annual production of all kinds of wool clothing more than 180 million pieces, round machine fabric more than 200 tons, has passed BSCI and other production management certification. The company's products have passed RWS,OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and WOOLMARK certification. All wool clothing products can be provided with all wool and blended trademarks and washing labels of the International Wool Bureau.


Warmly welcome buyers and brands at home and abroad to come to our company and factory for reference and guidance and business negotiation. We look forward to working with you for early cooperation and common development!

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Enterprise culture

Corporate culture

Solarwool has over 20 years of rich experience in the production of wool knitted fabrics and garments, and professionals control the whole process from the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials such as wool yarn, the production of ready-made garments to the later export. Realize the whole process service from wool yarn procurement, fabric weaving printing, dyeing and setting, garment production to export; Located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, it has more than 200 experienced employees and various professional and technical personnel.

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Selection of high-end fabrics,Seiko Zhen do; Every detail reflects the unique ingenuity

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Professional, attentive, focused, special edition, special cutting, special person, special service, special care

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Product advantages

Product advantage

20 years
brand precipitation

Solarwool speaks with strength

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Warm & Cool

Merino wool is an active fiber that responds significantly to changes in body temperature. So it can help you stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

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Quick-drying & odor-free

Merino wool can absorb moisture and odor molecules in sweat, which means that your sweat can be absorbed quickly and reduce the smell of sweat, which is only released when you wash.

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Skin-friendly and soft

Merino wool fibers are very fine, which makes them easier to bend. Make them feel more delicate and soft.

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natural elasticity

Natural elasticity helps Merino wool garments stretch with you and can return to their original shape. Therefore, Merino wool clothing is ideal for sports.

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Quick-drying & odor-free

Merino wool is natural and is grown year-round by 68 million Australian sheep, consuming water, sunlight, air and grass.

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Dirt resistance

Merino wool fiber has a natural protective layer to help prevent stains from being absorbed. And merino wool does not generate static electricity, so it absorbs less dust and fluff.

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Easy Care

Most merino wool garments can be machine washed and dried, which provides a simple solution to the "how to wash wool" problem.

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100% biodegradation

When the wool fiber is disposed of, it breaks down in the soil over a few years, slowly releasing nutrients back to the earth.

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100 percent renewable

Australian sheep produce new wool each year, making Merino a completely renewable fiber.

development process

Development course

2001 "Solarwool" story



An indissoluble bond

Xu Xiaofei, the founder of MSOLARWOOL brand, served as the project manager of wool underwear supplier in mainland China, which is the SMARTWOOL of American wool clothing and chemical socks brand, and formed an indissoluble bond with Melino wool.

2004 "Solarwool"

Brand Registration


Established the "Solarwool" brand.

Adhering to the understanding and love of Merino wool, Merino wool clothing as the company's main product and the establishment of the "Solarwool" brand.

2010 "Solarwool"

Company establishment


English Registration

"Solarwool" brand company was officially established, its English registered as "MSOLARWOOL", meaning "lucky, auspicious, lucky".

Independence in 2019



Merino Wool Clothing Factory

"Solarwool" set up their own Merino wool clothing factory.

"Solarwool" with you in 2024



Do not forget your initiative mind, go hand in hand

"Solarwool" Do not forget your initiative mind, walking hand in hand, only to bring you more natural, more comfortable and more fashionable Merino wool products.


Business partner

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